How do I create multiple cell zones (3D bodies) with ICEM blocking

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xianhua posted this 15 December 2017

My geometry is simple. It is one big cylinder sliced into 3 cylinders with the same diameter but different height. I would like to create mesh using ICEM blocking o-grid for the cylinders. Because I need to specify different physical conditions to the 3 cylinders, in ICEM I have to make sure the 3 cylinders are separate cell zones. However, it wouldn't work with 3D blocking. When I want to create another block, the popped window asks whether I want to merge with the previous block or replace it. I have tried many ways but couldn't make it work.

To summarize, the issue is, I need to mesh multiple cell zones, and keep the mesh as multiple cell zones when I transfer to Fluent, but I can only create a single volume mesh in ICEM. Is there a solution with ICEM blocking? Thanks! 

Software: ANSYS 17.0 ICEM 

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vganore posted this 19 December 2017

I am keeping meshing apart to answer this. In geometry (DM) you need to create three separate cylinders, use add frozen option when you create second and third cylinder. To have conformal mesh at interface between cylinders, add three cylinders into new part. I am using ANSYS meshing, and It is allowing me define three separate cell zones (you could name it, fluid1,fluid2 and fluid3)


Vishal Ganore,

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vganore posted this 19 December 2017

Generated mesh in ANSYS Meshing:

Vishal Ganore,