How do I inject bubbles of a particular size ?

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AbhayCharan posted this 14 February 2019

I am facing an issue with using multiphase.

I want to inject air bubbles of a particular diameter through my model and calculate the drag.

i would request if someone can please guide me through it.

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abenhadj posted this 14 February 2019

Which models are you using? Discrete Particles (DPM) or Eulerian Models?

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kkanade posted this 15 February 2019

if you are using only dpm then injection panel has option of specifying dia. 

you may want to look at following for setting up ddpm

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AbhayCharan posted this 15 February 2019

Thank you sir. I havent yet figured which model to use.

rwoolhou posted this 15 February 2019

You need to work out what the question is that you intend to answer using simulation. Once you know that, and things like volume fraction, particle size etc then you can (possibly with help) work out which model is best suited to the task. 

AbhayCharan posted this 3 weeks ago

Sir, I want to calculate the skin friction coefficient of a flat plate by injecting air bubbles at 10% of the length of the plate at a velocity of 0.1 m/s at Fr no. 0.2.

Also the diametre of the bubbles is to be 50 um. The outer flow is of sea water. 

Request to know which model is best suited and how do i go about it.

abenhadj posted this 3 weeks ago

Go for DPM at first and do that as post processing step for the beginning.

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AbhayCharan posted this 2 weeks ago

Thank you sir.


Sir, Currently Im stuck in validation of a 2 D flat plate. The shape of the Cf vs. Re plot for Re at 1x10e6, 2.5x10e6, 5x10e6, 7.5x10e6, 1x10e7, 2.5x10e7, is following a upward trend. where as the paper im refering to, follows a downward trend. Request to know if there is a better way to validate a 2D flat plate turbulent flow. This is the paper in trying to validate.

rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

Please can you plot your data on here & show how you've set up whatever it is that you're monitoring?