How do you connect an ANSYS 17.2 Fluent model with an ABAQUS Standard/Explicit model?

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SanjanRahman posted this 19 September 2018

I would really appreciate a link for some way to know how to do this. can it be done with MpCCI? And if so how?

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seeta gunti posted this 21 September 2018

Hello Sanjan,

Good Day!

Regarding your query, may I know why you want to connect ANSYS Fluent model with Abaqus Standard or explicit model. I hope you want to do FSI or system simulations. If it so, we have many FSI and system simulation in our You tube channel with ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS  Mechanical. 

For more information, you can go through the following link.


SanjanRahman posted this 25 September 2018

This is primarily for my research project. I am trying to find a way to connect between a fluent flow model in Ansys 17.2 with Abaqus Standard. My school in question does not have Abaqus CFD not can I get MPCCI as it takes a minimum of forty days to be considered/implemented/permitted after a review.

seeta gunti posted this 27 September 2018

Hello Sanjan,

Thanks for the information. I think there is no direct method to couple the Abacus and Fluent. If you want to couple the two codes, you need write some code by your own. But, you can transfer the pressures and thermal data to Abacus by exporting the data. i hope this clarifies your question.


SanjanRahman posted this 30 September 2018

Dear Seeta,

Thank you for answering the query. Can you help me find a way to export said pressure data then? That's all I need. I've attempted to export the pressure file into my abaqus software but I keep getting error messages.


Thank you

pgl posted this 17 October 2018

Hi SanjanRahman, 

I recommend that you connect the ANSYS Fluent simulation to ANSYS Mechanical. We provide built in workflows to achieve that in Workbench etc.

If you need a license of ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical, or ANSYS Academic Research Mechanical and CFD then let us know where you are located, what university and school and we'll have our local academic team reach out to get you all set up.     



rwoolhou posted this 18 October 2018

There's an FSI Mapping tool under the File menu (may be under Export in Workbench) which should also handle all of the interpolation too (FEA codes don't usually do that). I would recommend using Workbench and ANSYS Mechanical, but the above ought to work.