How is possible to unite reports from different projects?

  • Last Post 19 March 2020
Bogdan Miroschnitschenko posted this 06 March 2020

Hi all
I have simulated 3 different 3D projects in transient simulation, so all reports are separated in the different project files.
I want to unite this reports, i.e. create only one graphic with 3 different traces for torque, each trace must be exported from a different file.

Is it possible without exporting data tables in Excel for example? What is the optimal way to do it?

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Bogdan Miroschnitschenko posted this 06 March 2020

Namely  I want unite this 3 reports in 1 graphic

cblair posted this 19 March 2020



You can copy curves from one graph to another graph by selecting the curve in the Results Panel and Cntrl C - copy and then select new graph in Projects Folder and Cntrl V-Paste, In the Properties Panel you can also rename the curve.