How many CPU can I use in one simulation?

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Guangqi posted this 09 May 2019

How many CPUs and GPU I can use in one simulation? My laptop is Intel i5 8250U and Nv GTX1050. When I try to set it as 8 cores and GPU acceleration, it does not work. Only 4 cores without GPU acceleration could work well. I use Thermal and Structural Models.

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jcallery posted this 09 May 2019

Hi Guangqi,

Chances are your CPU only has 4 physical cores but we can verify this by opening a command prompt and typing in the following:

wmic CPU Get NumberOfCores,NumberOfLogicalProcessors /Format:List


Then post a screenshot of that result.


Regarding the GPU, GTX cards are not supported, so you may not be able to use them for accelerated solving.

Please look at the solution information as the error suggests and post the contents here.


Thank you,


Guangqi posted this 10 May 2019

Yes,it has four physical cores. But some people say that I should count the logical cores?

jcallery posted this 10 May 2019

Hi Guangqi,

Logical Processors are really just "threads".  Mechanical will use 100% of a physical core, not leaving any headroom for additional processes on the same core.  Therefore you can only solve on the number of physical cores you have.

You will be able to see this message in the solve.out for that solve attempt.


Thank you,