How to apply Pressure on Rigid part in ansys

  • Last Post 18 November 2019
nvamsikrishna posted this 16 November 2019

Dear friends,

I want to know is there any way to apply pressure on rigid in ansys, if yes how ?

actually I'm applying force instead pressure where I'm facing somany convergence issues please help.

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peteroznewman posted this 16 November 2019

From a physics perspective, applying a pressure of 1 Pa to a 1 m^2 planar face of a rigid body is the same as applying a force of 1 N at the centroid of that face.

Please insert images to explain what you are trying to accomplish.

There are many reasons for convergence problems. Please explain the convergence issues in detail.

nvamsikrishna posted this 17 November 2019

Dear peter,

Thanks for reply, sure please find below images for detailed issue,



I have these type of loading nearly at 31 locations in my full model and I'm facing issues with convergence of elements are highly distorting as shown

please suggest me how to solve this convergence.

peteroznewman posted this 17 November 2019

There are many posts that you can find using the Search button on this site that have to do with Excessive distortion. What is the housing material?  What is the rigid cap material?  Is there designed in interference?

What is the overall simulation goal for this assembly?  Do you need all the detail shown in the cross-section of the rigid cap to the housing?  What if you simplify the interface to a Bearing connection so there are just springs connecting the housing to the rigid cap?  Maybe you should build a submodel of a single rigid cap to housing to characterize the stiffness of the connection so you know how to idealize it to a spring?  Maybe the submodel can be a 2D Axisymmetric model if the load is purely axial.

nvamsikrishna posted this 18 November 2019

Dear Peter,

housing material-Aluminum

Rigid cap- structural steel

there is no designed interference but to be mentioned penetration is there

overall simulation goal is to calculate life of the housing

I do not know whether I can go for springs connection I have to check thoroughly  

peteroznewman posted this 18 November 2019

Steel is only 3 times stiffer than Aluminum. I would not set the "Rigid cap" to have rigid behavior.

If I had a neoprene rubber being deformed by a steel part, then I would make the steel have rigid behavior.

You want to calculate the life of the housing, does that mean the pressure load is cyclic?  Are you worried about fatigue?