how to calculate RPM of turbine in Ansys Fluent 6 DOF?

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ikhsan posted this 07 February 2020


I have hydrokinetics turbine simulation with Ansys fluent 6 DOF 19.2. Everything is working well, the turbine rotates because of the water stream. I can calculate the torque and Force of the turbine. My question is, how to calculate the RPM? 

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ikhsan posted this 15 February 2020

finally I changed into Ansys CFX which is more easier for me solving the problem, thank you very much

rwoolhou posted this 07 February 2020

Have a look in the tutorials, they'll show you where everything is. Click on "help" in Fluent at 2019Rx onwards. 

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ikhsan posted this 07 February 2020

Hallo Mr. Rwoolhou,

many thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I am new with Ansys and I am not sure about the axis setup and where to check the angular velocity, could you please show me?

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rwoolhou posted this 07 February 2020

Assuming you set up the axis for the fluid, check angular velocity and/or circumferential velocity. For the latter you'll need to remember to correct for radial position.