How to create exact same scaled contour view for different simulations?

  • Last Post 22 May 2019
Antang posted this 15 May 2019


I was wondering if it was possible to save/view contour images from the exact same view for different simulations.  For example, if I wanted to compare the velocity contours of airfoil separation I want to view the airfoil body at the exact same scale at the same relative place in the image and I only want to see the change in velocity contour.  I've grown accustomed to knowing how much I have to zoom in but I still need to manually place the object I want to study into the middle of my screen which means non of my images are perfectly the same, is it possible to save a defined view to look at an object from the same point?

raul.raghav posted this 22 May 2019

Antang, I believe you're talking about a setting a specific custom view in CFD-Post. Refer to this post.