How to create individual cross sectional planes for branches in cylindrical bifurcation model?

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yk2359 posted this 31 October 2017

CFD Post: Varying XY plane in Z, I could only create a plane which sections both branches in XY. I need planes for each branch normal to it's own cross section. How to do it?

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peteroznewman posted this 31 October 2017

A picture always helps, do you mean a geometry like the one shown below?

raul.raghav posted this 02 November 2017

Yeah a picture might be useful to answer your question. Can you check the pictures below and see if one them is what you are trying to do?




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yk2359 posted this 14 November 2017


I couldn't share the picture. Sorry about that. Yes, it's an artery bifurcation. I figured a solution to this question.

Using CAD tool I noted down three points for desired circular cross sections. Used these points with additional offset to create 3 point planes normal to cross sectional axes in CFD-Post as shown in below picture.


But I would appreciate if you can provide a less time taking alternative way of creating these planes. 

Thank You.



raul.raghav posted this 22 November 2017

Unfornuately I believe thats the only way to create the plane accurately. If your branches are at an specific angle, i.e. say the branching angle is 30 deg for one of the branches, you can use User Surface by Offsetting from the first plane you created.


Or alternatively you can write an equation to create a series of planes as needed. The steps to do that in CFD-Post would be:

Session >> New Session >> planes.cse

Session >> Start Recording

Create two planes that exist in that branch.

Session >> Stop Recording

Now edit the planes.cse session file and create a incremental equation using basic trignometric functions. Save the planes.cse file again.

Session >> Play Session