How to cut surface a surface in SpaceClaim v19?

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eanderlini posted this 22 April 2020

I need to analyse seakeeping motions of a ship in Aqwa. In particular, I am looking at the impact of hydrofoils on motion reduction. I have already imported a hull geometry in .igs format into WorkBench v19 and run the radiation and diffraction analysis. However, when I add the foils (shown below), I encounter problems with the meshing.

Ship's bow


To use Aqwa, I need to have a model with surfaces rather than solid bodies. I created the surfaces for the foils. However, I cannot cut out the surfaces of the main hull to remove the portion enclosed by the foils as shown below. If I use the Repair tool of SpaceClaim, I can get the Mesher to create a mesh; however, it excludes the fins. I have tried to use the Combine and Split options to cut the surface where the fins are, following the manual, unsuccessfully. With the Split command, how can I select the hole edge of the fins to cut the hull surface? These are surfaces with a complex curvature.

Hull surface

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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kkanade posted this 23 April 2020

You may need to use more than one command. 

there are many options in split like split with cutter, with points etc. 

Please check split command at 




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eanderlini posted this 23 April 2020

Unfortunately, not. I need to first do a "split with edge", but it is not working for me. I fear that the fins are too short: although they have been trimmed to the hull in CATIA, SpaceClaim may not see the contact.

eanderlini posted this 23 April 2020

"Split with edge" is what I need, but is not working. It is possible the fins may be too short. I will have another look at that. Many thanks!