How to define geometry from the centre where dimensions can be adjusted with respect to that centre?

  • Last Post 14 July 2019
Davidvia0 posted this 12 July 2019

I think it may sound trivial, but I am not able to draw and dimensional my drawing from the centre in Space Claim. If I want to make just a simple rectangle from centre and then change horizontal and vertical sizes - it changes them with respect to the edge instead of figure's centre. I have checked option 'define rectangle from centre', but dimensions are changing with respect to the edge still. Is there any other option where I can look to solve this issue? I tried to reset Ansys SpaceClaim but it did not help. 

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rwoolhou posted this 12 July 2019

Have you dimensioned the corner as being a fixed distance from the circle?  Common problem in CAD is giving an object a size, but not fixing it's position. 

Davidvia0 posted this 12 July 2019

I did not change anything from the default settings. Just trying to draw rectangle with default settings, starting from the centre point and expanding horizontally and vertically. Then i'm typing dimensions which I am satisfied with but they are adjusted with respect to the edge, not centre.

rwoolhou posted this 12 July 2019

When you started drawing the rectangle did you click on the circle centre with the first point? 


peteroznewman posted this 14 July 2019

SpaceClaim's strength is solid modeling, not drawing. If you convert a rectangle of curves into a surface, then you can adjust the size of the rectangular surface and maintain the center of the rectangular surface at the center.

Pick the two edges using the Ctrl key to add the second edge, then pull to make them move symmetrically.