Time averaged Postprocessing of own variables

  • Last Post 17 October 2017
admin posted this 27 September 2017

How to do a time averaged Postprocessing of own variables?

Arun posted this 17 October 2017

For getting time averaged values of UDMs (User Defined Memories) or UDSs (User Defined Scalars) do the following: 1)Define one or more UDMs 2)Create a Custom Field Function with CFF = UDM 3)Activate Fluent transient 4)In the solution panel activate "Data Sampling for Time Statistics" and in the Sampling Options select the CFF. After the run the time averaged CFF can be postprocessed as unsteady statistics in the Postprocessing menus. For time averaging an UDS an additional UDF has to be written. In the UDF the UDS has to be transferred to an UDM. Please refer to the Fluent Customization Manual for further information. Related solutions: 2041742: How to calculate time-integrated quantities from a transient solution in ANSYS Fluent? 2042394: How are the Unsteady Statistics (Mean & RMSE) evaluated when using Transient Data Sampling in ANSYS Fluent?