How to draw a square core coil with multiple number of turns

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Chand posted this 20 May 2020

I want to study a square core inductor coil with 500+ turns in Maxwell 3D. In maxwell 3D there is an option to give no of turns of a coil for a solid structure. But I want to simulate actual winding turns.

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cblair posted this 5 weeks ago

The no of turns when you use UDM is the number of turns. If you need something different you can always manually add or subtract a turn or come up with your own custom equation. As a student you may also have access to our SpaceClaim Mechanical drawing tool which can create geometry and easily import it into Maxwell.

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Chand posted this 4 weeks ago

What is UDM?

mbeliaev posted this 4 weeks ago

User Define Model

Basically it is a Python Script which you can parametrize and set any amount of coils according to your logic.


See example in:

C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\AnsysEM20.1\Win64\syslib\UserDefinedModels\Maxwell3D\

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AndyJP posted this 4 weeks ago

another way is drawing one turn and duplicating it along the line. then boolean unite, for making the mesh smooth. not the best way, maybe, but pretty simple one to choke your CPU in infinite computation...

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