How to export data in only Y-direction from harmonic response ansys workbench mechanical?

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LX LIN posted this 13 May 2018

I had simulated the 3 beam stiffened plate used to compare the experiment result and FE result form ansys. So, the graph of mobility, V/F vs frequency has simulated since F=1N in Y-direction from velocity in a frequency response of harmonic response analysis. The problem is what method can export the graph data in Y-direction only in ansys workbench mechanical , then can compare experiment result?

I use ansys student version 18.2. Model: 3 beam stiffened plate, clamped all edge support, velocity in solution of frequency response from Harmonic response analysis..  

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peteroznewman posted this 13 May 2018

Do you see the Tabular Data in the lower right corner of your screen image?  Click in the cell above 1 and to the left of Frequency and all cells will highlight. Then keyboard Ctrl-C put the focus on an empty cell in Excel and keyboard Ctrl-V to paste the table into Excel.  It's that simple.

In the attached jpg image, I see that you have scoped the velocity result to be the maximum of any point on any of 4 bodies.  But you want to compare with experimental data and an accelerometer was fastened to the structure at a specific location. Do you have a vertex at that location on your geometry?  If not, you have to create a coordinate system at that location, then create a new directional velocity result probe and use that coordinate system. That is the probe result you want to copy out of ANSYS and into Excel.

LX LIN posted this 14 May 2018


I have tried put the coordinate system on the nodal force point and still get the same result....

Can I know the every step to export the velocity result from Y-direction only?

Does need change the scoping method and geometry in solution frequency response?

Is it needed to use probe(force or moment reaction)?

i use all edge of clamped support, 1N of nodal force on the point  

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peteroznewman posted this 14 May 2018

I built my own Harmonic Response demo model to see exactly how to get velocity from one location in the model and learned that I was wrong about using a coordinate system to scope a Frequency Response output. That doesn't work, sorry for my mistake. It works for Stress output in Static Structural models.

You have to go back to the Geometry editor, and Slice the model in two planes to create a vertex at the point where you put the accelerometer. Then in Mechanical, create a Frequency Response velocity result plot but change your selection filter to Vertex and pick the new vertex.

An ANSYS 18.2 archive is attached.

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