How to export velocity data in ansys workbench mechanical for radiation efficiency used ?

  • Last Post 14 May 2018
LX LIN posted this 13 May 2018

I want to get the result of sound radiation efficiency in Matlab. So firstly, it needed to get the velocity data in every meshing point from Ansys workbench mechanical. What method or analysis system can use to get and export the velocity data of plate first, then can proceed to Matlab to get the result of sound radiation efficiency?

I have tried using modal analysis and frequency response velocity in harmonic response analysis but cannot get the velocity data in every meshing point after exported in Ansys workbench mechanical. 

I use Ansys student version 18.2. Model: plate and beam stiffened plate. clamped all edge fixed support 

peteroznewman posted this 14 May 2018

ANSYS 19.0 supports Harmonic Acoustics models which include the ability to compute the Sound Pressure Level at a point in the acoustic domain from a surface that has a harmonic velocity boundary condition. You may find that the data you are trying to compute in matlab is already computed inside ANSYS. Your model has a stiffened plate that has some harmonic vibration. The air surrounding that plate carries the acoustic sound away.  ANSYS can also compute the Sound Power at the boundary.

If you are willing to share your model, I might be able to show you how the acoustics features can compute the values you are trying to use matlab to compute, but that may turn out to be a lot more work than using the capabilities built into ANSYS. Please follow these directions for attaching a project archive to your reply.