How to extract the coordinates of the deformed geometry in ANSYS Workbench

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joshita89 posted this 6 days ago

I have a sphere in my geometry which becomes an ellipse on applying strain to it. I want to extract the coordinates of that ellipse so that I can calculate the aspect ratio. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank You!

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 5 days ago


  If you just want to look at it in a CAD program, you right click on the total deformation and export it either a Text File or an STL file. You can view the STL file in SpaceClaim by simply dragging and dropping from the file manager.

  Now, if you are trying to transfer the deformed body for another analysis? You can transfer the bodies using the settings shown in Properties for V19 and later. Also, once you have the deformed mesh in there you can always do the mesh quality check?

Hope this helps.



peteroznewman posted this 5 days ago


Sandeep mentioned how to export an STL file.  Some CAD systems are horrible at using STL.  If you want to export a Parasolid instead, there is a very long and arcane method to do that documented here.



joshita89 posted this 4 days ago

 Thank you Sandeep & Peter. It worked.