How to get three elements across the wall thickness of a thin part

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peteroznewman posted this 29 October 2017

The global size function is set to Adaptive gives this mesh.

When the global size function is set to Proximity, the default is to put 3 elements across the gap. A different value could be input.


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Jimmyhan posted this 17 November 2017

I dont understand, why not use size to make the thin part mesh?

peteroznewman posted this 17 November 2017

A single solid element across a wall thickness does not provide a sufficient number of nodes to capture gradients through the wall thickness. That is the point of this meshing tip.

When you say "thin part mesh" do you mean a shell mesh?  Shell elements are very good at capturing bending of thin structures and would be an alternative to this solid element model, however, there is work to be done in a geometry editor to create the sheet body to replace the solid body.

Jimmyhan posted this 17 November 2017

I dont have more experience on this kind of meshing. I just want to show my idea to you. from my opinion in this kind of situation I will cut out the small parts and size their edges firstly, and generated others after that. As you know in size setting you can set what a portable mesh you like.