Hai everyone, 


I performed fluid flow and solidification modeling in Fluent. 

After solidification for some time, I have both liquid and solid regions. 

Now, I want to analyze stresses in that solid domain only. So, I imported the temperatures and pressures of that full domain into static structural and I have given elastic and viscoplastic material data. 

In order to isolate the liquid region, I have taken young's modulus of elasticity value as zero. So that, stresses in the liquid domain will become zero. 

But, solver stops after a few seconds and giving an error that there is a problem in material data. I think, taking elastic modulus as zero might not be a good idea. That's why I took a very small value and run simulations. Simulations were running but I am getting non-zero stresses in liquid regions. 

Is there any other way to handle stress in the liquid domain? How can I make stresses zero in liquid domain ?