How to make a good Mesh for 2D flow over airfoil?

  • Last Post 06 December 2017
José Mantovani posted this 05 December 2017

Guys, I have a question. I want to know how to make a good mesh for a 2D analysis of flow over a any airfoil. I need valid results.., when I say valid results, having a experimental data, for example trough, according the flows conditions of the experimental flow conditions, obviously, how to create a mesh that obtains a result according to the expected one (experimental result) and that it is a not so refined mesh and with prohibitive time. An example is the mesh used in simulating the edX course for validation case NACA0012. How to apply for any airfoil and have valid results?

Thanks guys!

vganore posted this 06 December 2017

Jose, you need refined mesh when it comes to validating simulation results with experimental data. There are many tutorials available online showing procedure of meshing for airfoil tutorial. Fine mesh around an airfoil and appropriate Y+value near wall is required to catch good results. 

Here is the good tutorial that I found: 


Prof. Fred Stern from University of Iowa has created such tutorial having validation with experimental data. Tutorial is available under our curriculum tools. You could go through it -  

Vishal Ganore,