How to make a short length object as if it’s assumed to have a longer length?

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Stefanotepo0 posted this 26 May 2020

Hi all, I have a project to make a gas well production tubing as long as 1000 ft with a diameter of 4 inch. However, when I set this scale on the geometry, the drawing of the tubing is very thin and very long which may complicate seeing the simulation later on. Therefore, is it possible to make the tubing shorter (e.g. 10ft) yet it is still assumed as if it is 1000 ft? If it is possible, can you please tell me how? I would very appreciate to anyone who answers. (Additional info: my ansys is Ansys 2019 R2) Best Regards Stefano Pentury

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Aniket posted this 27 May 2020

What are your loads? Depending on that you can do a 2D analysis. Or you can convert the tube as a beam (line body).


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Stefanotepo0 posted this 27 May 2020

Hi Aniket, thank you for your response. I just make it as simply as rectangular 2D analysis. Do you know how to do that with this? Thank You.

Best Regards - Stefano

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peteroznewman posted this 27 May 2020

Stefano, ANSYS staff are not permitted to open attachments, so please use the Insert Image button. Also, please use a screen capture utility like Snipping Tool and not your smartphone camera to acquire screen images.

What kind of analysis are you doing?  What are the boundary conditions, supports and loads?


Stefanotepo0 posted this 27 May 2020

Hi, Deeply apologize for the confusion. I was doing an analysis of three-phase 2D flow in a vertical pipe on Ansys Fluent CFD. the rectangular is assumed as a 2D formed of production tubing which has length of 1000 ft and width of 4 inch (0.33 ft). I didn't consider any loads in this case. Yet, when I input the real values and want to animate the model, the area is very thin which makes me difficult to see the flow simulation. Then I was wondering if it is possible to make the length to be shorter like 10 ft in the drawing but it's still assumed as 1000 ft which will make easier to see the flow simulation as the area is way bigger. Does ansys provide such feature like that? I hope you understand what I meant. Thank You for your help