How to make Imported Temperature as Initial Condition for the next Thermal Transient Analysis?

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farrukhnajmi posted this 13 October 2017

Hi all,

I am having a problem in importing a body temperature from one thermal transient analysis and assign this temperature as an Initial Condition to the next thermal transient analysis. I have also tried the Import External Data but in both cases, the imported temperature becomes Boundary Condition and does not change with time in the next transient thermal analysis. Can anybody help me how to resolve this issue? I am using Ansys Workbench R17.1 (Academic).

Thanking you in Advance!


Farrukh Najmi

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justin posted this 27 November 2017

Hello Faarrukh, 

You may find user defined functions (UDF) to be of use. You can sum the energy outflow of your domain and use that to assign the temperature at the inlet. There are a few videos online on the subject as well as a manual. 

(Note: I am assuming this is a fluid simulation?)

Here is the UDF manual for V12 of ANSYS. 

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farrukhnajmi posted this 28 November 2017

Dear Justin,

Thanks for your reply and help.

Actually, I solved this problem in Ansys Workbench. If we solve one transient thermal analysis and then generate another system in the project schematic by right-clicking on the solution cell to generate another analysis system (i. e. transient thermal analysis). In this way, all the previous temperature results will upload to the next analysis. The body geometry, mesh size and element type must be the same in both analyses. I really appreciate your response!


Farrukh Najmi

EReiciunas posted this 24 January 2018


I have a problem with data transfer as well.

I am using ANSYS Workbench 17.2. A multi-body analysis

I am transferring data from Transient-Thermal into Static-Structural. Out of 16 bodies 2 bodies (2 sleeves out of 3) give me the error "No matches were found within the specified tolerances. The closest matched body is shown below:" It does show the one part which it should be. How can I make ANSYS to recognize these parts?

peteroznewman posted this 24 January 2018

You can use the Attach button that appears next to your post to upload a Workbench Project Archive file (.wbpz) as long as it is < 120 MB. You can Clear Current Data on the Model or Mesh to reduce the size of the .wbpz file.  That makes it easy to help you.