How to open .cdb mesh files from mimcs or 3matic in workbench

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ewold posted this 06 June 2018

I have spent a lot of time creating some really nice meshes in the materialise suite (mimcs/3matic) and would like to export the meshes directly to Workbench instead of going through the process of generating meshes in Workbench. I have tried generating the meshes in workbench from the mimics .stl files but I keep getting error after error during mesh generation. Mimics exports the meshes for Ansys as .cdb files. Can these be imported directly into Workbench? Whenever I try to import .cdb is not listed as a readable file type. Thanks!

raul.raghav posted this 06 June 2018

See attached solution pdf and let us know if it fixes your problem.


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