How to parameterize initial conditions defined in command APDL

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rwath posted this 21 February 2019


I'm quite new to Ansys and wondering if there is a way to parameterize  initial conditions defined using command APDL.

For example, I want to maximize initial temperature defined by "IC,Top2Layers,TEMP,220" using response surface optimization.


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AnPham posted this 22 February 2019

In commands object, you can parameter through variable (ARG1 to ARG9).

In commands object window, you need assign a variable by ARG(x=1-9) - picture 1

then, in details of commands object, you can check box in front of ARGx (x=1-9) to parameter that value - picture 2

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rwath posted this 28 February 2019

Many thanks AnPham. I will give this a go.