How to parameterize thermal conductivity of a material

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rwath posted this 17 December 2018

Hi all,

I'm bit new to Ansys and wondering how to parameterize thermal conductivity of a material.

In our simplified model there are two objects in contact, say A (top object) and B (bottom bottom). All faces of the objects except contact faces and bottom surface of object A are exposed to stagnant air.

Material properties of object B remain same. A constant temperature is given to the bottom surface of the material A. A transient Ansys thermal model was already created for this.

In this instance, our idea is to vary the thermal conductivity of Object A and monitor the temperature of the top surface of object B. Based on this simulation we are expected to find a range of thermal conductivities that could justify materials for physical prototyping.

Any line of advice is highly appreciate.

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Kremella posted this 17 December 2018


You should be able to parameterize thermal conductivity from Engineering Data. Please see the screenshot below. You should be able to use the check-box at the bottom.

You should be able to go into 'Parameter set' and add additional Design Points to conduct your DP analysis.

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,


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rwath posted this 20 December 2018

Many thanks Karthik. It worked.

abenhadj posted this 21 December 2018

Please mark the answer of Karthik as solution so that other students might profit from it.

Best regards, Amine