How to recreate Solid65 (concrete) and Link180 (rebar) in Workbench 19.0

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Abhisek posted this 05 April 2018

I am trying to model a hollow core floor slab. I have modeled it as an I-beam, and has only concrete, and pre-stressed steel. 

Most of the papers I have read, uses Solid65 element for concrete, and Link180  for rebar. 

Being very new to ansys, I have no idea how to recreate these materials in Ansys Workbench 19.0

Please help!

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peteroznewman posted this 05 April 2018

This discussion has an example of how to use concrete with a solid65 element.

Abhisek posted this 01 May 2018

Thank you for your reply.

I have read through the discussion you have referred to. However, my model brings forth "Unknown error" when I add the mechnical APDL code. 

It would be awesome if I could use the material table within workbench to recreate the a concrete material that is capable of cracking.

peteroznewman posted this 02 May 2018

I have learned that a combination of using SOLID65 elements and the CONC material model will allow cracking to be computed on an element basis.

That example is done in Workbench using Command objects. The danger with Command objects is that they contain numbers that assume one unit system, but there is nothing to prevent the user changing to the wrong units and solving. I have done this myself.