How to reduce the list of surfaces on Boundary Conditions (Fluent)

  • Last Post 24 October 2019
jlhee posted this 23 October 2019

Hi all,

I created an enclosure with a non-standard shape that is not available on WorkBench (ANSYS Mesher) enclosure function. 

Then I sliced the surfaces to ensure some domains are sweepable. However now my Farfield inlet has 9 sub-branch surfaces. 

How do I make it appears as one single surface on the list of boundary conditions in Fluent? 

So it saves me time changing the parameter. 


Kind regards,

rwoolhou posted this 24 October 2019

In Meshing create a single named selection for all of the fluid volumes. This doesn't affect the meshing (the volumes are still separate) but in Fluent it'll be a single block. The split up is because a surface label must be unique to each labelled fluid volume.