how to run multiple simulations automatically

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mossaied2 posted this 25 December 2018


I wanna track the pressure drop of a fluid in channel when the input fluid velocity changes. For example, I wanna run the simulation first at inlet velocity 1 m/s then 2 m/s until 10 m/s and for each velocity, I record the pressure drop through the channel. Currently, I set the inlet velocity then run the simulation and wait for it to finish then check the pressure drop. How to do that automatically, I mean put the range of velocities and ansys run for each value of them and write in some file the pressure drop corresponding to each velocity?


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peteroznewman posted this 25 December 2018


Here is a tutorial for how to change CAD parameters in a Structural model. It may be a similar process for Fluent models. I'm not sure.


Elayose posted this 08 October 2019


how did you eventually go about the definition pls?

i want to do a similiar thing but in terms of pressure ( say 10KPa to 50KPa by 10KPa step). 

thanks in anticipation

sathya posted this 28 October 2019


For pressure you can activate the parameter function near the input in mechanical window.