How to scale a body

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chebusann posted this 2 weeks ago


I just downloaded a body car in internet. I want do a fluid-dynamic study on the body.

But there is a problem: dimensions are 69 times bigger. So I need to scale it. I try using Scale body (in Pull tool) and I can't make it.

An error appears: "Scale adjustment error"

Anyone knows how to scale a body car (body with a lot of surfaces and components)?

Maybe I'm using the wrong tool, or it's impossible in ANSYS Spaceclaim.



rwoolhou posted this 1 weeks ago

It should be possible but if the shape is very complex or comprises several parts it can be more difficult.  If you're going to solve in Fluent just build the model as is and then scale there. Because you're scaling the mesh it's often more stable: that's how I deal with daft units (generally Imperial) in supplied models or when the translation gets mm and m and km mixed up.