How to set a constraint for resonance frequencies for modal analysis? (Topology Optimisation)

  • Last Post 10 December 2018
timlim123 posted this 10 December 2018

I am seeking to set a constraint that makes the resonance frequency of the 2nd mode to be six times the amount of the 1st mode while retaining the modal stiffness to be in a certain ratio that I can freely manipulate.

I am hoping to use ANSYS to do a topology optimization to provide me with different shapes of an object that could possibly fit my criteria, does ANSYS have this capability? 

My current progress so far is that I am able to extract the modal stiffness data from ANSYS utilising kinetic energy and the natural frequencies given. I been looking into APDL commands with no luck so far on finding a solution on how to execute this topology optimisation.

Thank you for your time for reading this post, have a great day.


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timlim123 posted this 10 December 2018

This would just be a constraint on the integer multiple of the natural frequencies between modes, it does not give any flexibility on setting up modal stiffness and getting a random topology from ANSYS that is able to fit the criteria.


timlim123 posted this 10 December 2018

I am sorry but I do not really get what are you answering me here regarding my question. Thank you for the help anyways. 

timlim123 posted this 10 December 2018

I still do not get what you are trying to achieve here by answering a question that you have no solution.