How to Slice surface geometry in DM?

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I have generated a honeycomb structure using honeycomb creator in design modeller, but the geometry generated is bigger in size then i have requested for, so i have to slice it to required dimension but i don't know how to do it in DM, i have tried it but it doesn't result in anything.

I have made a plane at required distance and uses slice feature but nothing happened.

please help me.

Honeycomb core

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kkanade posted this 29 October 2018

Please create a solid body out of surfaces. You can use Create - body operations - sew command. 

Then use slice operation. 


Keyur posted this 28 October 2018


I have generated honeycomb structure using creator and I required structure length of 200 mm but the creator has generated structure of length 204.6 mm so, I have to make it 200 mm, for that I have created a plane at 4.6 mm from one side and try to slice it but nothing happens, can anyone please suggest me how to reduce it to required size.

Thanks you in advance.


peteroznewman posted this 27 October 2018

In DesignModeler, Slice will cut surface bodies.  You must create a New Plane that has the XY axis as the cut plane.

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  • posted this 27 October 2018

Hey, My bodies consist of surfaces because i have generated it by using honeycomb generator, and i have tried to remove the extra portion that i have get from creator, can you please suggest me how to remove remaining material.

kkanade posted this 24 October 2018

Is your issue resolved?

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kkanade posted this 23 October 2018


Following video may help you. 

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