How to split beams in ANSYS Spaceclaim?

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Nikita posted this 28 February 2017

Please explain how to split beams in ANSYS SpaceClaim?

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pgl posted this 29 September 2017

1. Go to Design Tab, Select 'Split Curve' option.

2. Select the beam to be split. It will highlight the beam and its mid-point as well for reference.

3. Click the location on the beam to split.


Majeed posted this 10 December 2019

Hi Pgl;

can Spaceclaim do this automatically? I mean find all intersections and split them?

I have the same issue but in my case, I have thousands of beams

Many thanks ,,

JoePADT posted this 10 December 2019

You can do that from the Share function on the Workbench ribbon. You can change the tolerance in the options if needed.