How to submit a bug report?

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ansysuser posted this 15 May 2019

How do I submit a bug report to ANSYS?  I found a persistent bug in Fluent.

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ansysuser posted this 16 May 2019

Nobody knows how to submit a bug report to ANSYS?

pgl posted this 18 May 2019

Hi ansysuser, 

If you are using a paid-for ANSYS Academic product (Associate, Research or Teaching) then you can login to the ANSYS Customer Portal (if you are an ASC or named user on the account).  You can then submit an SR request with a title "bug report" etc.

Otherwise you can submit the report here on the forum as a post. Simply post "I have a possible bug to report with [product name] relating to [insert feature/product area].  I understand that we can't go into deep technical detail on this public forum, so would appreciate if someone from the ANSYS support team could contact me directly using my Student Community registered email address to discuss.      



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pgl posted this 18 May 2019

Hi ansysuser, 

You had posted a great question about how to ask the best question to get a response. I had a reply in hand for you, but am unable to find your post! Did you edit or or delete it by any chance?  Here's my reply to that post: 


This is an excellent question, and has prompted a lot of discussion among my colleagues and I. We really appreciate you posting this instead of just complaining, I commend your approach. :-)   

Because this is a public form, and because we are a USA based company we (ANSYS employees and our agents, like our Channel Partners) are restricted from providing deeper technical answers to questions about very specific simulation models.The reason is due to USA Export Compliance Laws - These prohibit us from providing support to entities located in or associated with embargoed countries. Given the wide open, public nature of the forum we have no way to know if a member posting is in/from an embargoed country. So we have to keep the Q&A at a higher level, more general, referring to public domain materials, and our product documentation.    

For registered users who have purchased our paid for academic products (ANSYS Academic Associate, Research or Teaching licenses) we provide the register as an "ASC" feature. ANSYS employees from our support team can, at their discretion, escalate a Q&A/support request from an ASC member outside of the forum, they may ask your permission to contact you directly via your registered email address. That process will allow a more detailed support case to progress without violating our Export Compliance rules. Note that we are exploring adding additional "user persona" options to enhance the forum's experience, as the term "ASC" is not intuitive if you are external to ANSYS!

Here's an example question that should elicit a good response:

I have run into a specific problem with my [general physics description here] simulation model, and need your help. Generally it relaters to [insert feature, and the name of the product/application/method], I understand that we can't go into deep technical detail on this public forum, so would appreciate if someone from the ANSYS support team could contact me directly using my Student Community registered email address. I am a researcher using a paid for ANSYS Academic Research license. To help the identify the right subject matter expert in the support team, here are some more details that I can share publicly [insert additional relevant details/reference to our documentation]  [If possible identify an existing  post on the student community that is close but doesn't answer your specific need] [include a screenshot]  

I trust that this helps?      

Regards, Paul.  

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ansysuser posted this 20 May 2019

Hello pgl,

Yes I did delete my question because it spent a week "being moderated" and I thought perhaps it was perceived as offensive/aggressive - and I don't want to offend anyone here!

Thank you for your thoughtful reply and for your explanation of the constraints involved.  Now I understand the situation better.

I will keep your suggestions in mind going forward.  I appreciate that you and the rest of the team put some discussion time into considering what I was asking.


Thanks again!

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pgl posted this 28 May 2019

Our pleasure. Thanks!

newein posted this 27 November 2019

Thanks you so much for the help. It really helps.