How to trim surfaces

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RDelaCourt posted this 17 May 2019



is there a feature to trim surfaces to an intersecting face within Ansys? I have create a model on solidworks using weldments and used the trim and extend feature to close gaps. but when I bring the step model into ansys there are gaps which were not there before.


I have had a look both on the software myself including some searches online and cant seem to find anything on the subject. 


Thank You



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RDelaCourt posted this 17 May 2019

Here is an example of the geometry I am dealing with

rwoolhou posted this 17 May 2019

It's Split, and it's under the Design tab. Share Topology may also work, but split is probably best. 

peteroznewman posted this 17 May 2019

Please attach your workbench project archive .wbpz file to the post above so we can use it to look at how to trim the surfaces in SC.

You can do the trimming in SW if you have the skills. I would do the trimming in NX where I have the skills.

You can also put the SW file(s) into a zip file and attach that as I can open SW files too.

RDelaCourt posted this 18 May 2019

Thank you both for the help, I did not see that you had responded so quickly.


trimming the surfaces on SW was much easier, I was having an issue with the geometry separating when running the model in mechanical.


I resorted to trimming the internal face as shown below, however I am having some issues running the model in this state.


Should I ask the question here or should I delete this post and create a new thread?


peteroznewman posted this 18 May 2019

Start a New Discussion. There is no need to delete this discussion since the information might help other students with similar problems.