How to utilize deformed geometry from Static structural for another analysis in ANSYS 19.2

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bamidoao posted this 20 September 2019

How do i utilize a deformed geometry from Static structural for another analysis in ANSYS 19.2?

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peteroznewman posted this 20 September 2019

It depends on what kind of analysis you want to do after a Static Structural analysis.

Please explain what you are trying to do in the simulation.

leo96vt posted this 18 October 2019

Hello everyone,

I have followed this procedure ( but I have a problem in some zones of my heart valve model because the system generates more surfaces than expected, especially in the fillet radius. How can I solve this problem? If I change tolerance angle I obtain ''Problematic Face'' error...

peteroznewman posted this 18 October 2019

You can edit the geometry in SpaceClaim. Delete faces you don't want, recreate blends that you need to keep. There is always going to be some manual geometry cleanup after generating deformed geometry.  If you use STL to export deformed geometry, there are many STL editing tools in SpaceClaim now.

Note that when you start a new analysis with geometry recreated in the deformed shape of a previous analysis, you start in a stress-free state. That does not represent the internal stresses that were present in the deformed geometry at the end of the first analysis.

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