How to visualize Symmetry in Static Structural

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rlycke posted this 21 August 2018

I am currently having difficulty visualizing the symmetric elements of my model created by symmetry regions.  I have beta options enabled and can see a marked changed in the stress and deformation profiles of my model when the symmetry is present vs. when it is not, but I still only see the original geometry in my results.  What must I do to properly visualize the mirrored geometry along with the original geometry?  I've tried applying a small negative and positive value to the Graphical expansion 1(Beta) but again to no avail.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 21 August 2018


 You need to use a small trick to visualize symmetry in mechanical (linear) using the beta options as you mention. I just tried this for a small box.

So above, I want to look at 2 repetitions on the body along Z. So I changed Num Repeat to 2, put in a small value for DeltaZ=1e-08 and made sure that the coordinate system is correctly selected. 

So, once I do this and click on the mesh/results you would see the mirrored body:

Now for cyclic symmetry, it is a little more straightforward, you would see an option to change this in the details of the Solution part of the structure tree.

Hope this helps, if not please post images of what you have and how you are trying to do symmetry. Also, let us know what version are you using?



Muhammed posted this 01 January 2019

But in my case, there is nothing in 'Details of Symmetry' box. How can adjust this setting?

SandeepMedikonda posted this 01 January 2019

Answered here.

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