how to work it in a CFX solver

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xiaoling posted this 02 January 2020

Hi all, 

I want to test the result of the below-coupled case, which is using Ansys workbench. However, at my side, I can only use the CFX modules, that only include the pre, solver, post parts. Then, I am thinking, I can export the def file from the C4 cell in the workbench and import it to my pre CFX part, but as you can see, there is a link between B5 cell and C5 cell, and I don't know how to get this information into my CFX module.



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xiaoling posted this 02 January 2020



rwoolhou posted this 02 January 2020

What are you trying to model? 

xiaoling posted this 03 January 2020

fluid-solid-thermal interaction. 

Is it ok to using only CFX? I just got some opinions from others, said it should only use workbench. Because workbench have several modules and they can do couple calculation. 

are they right? 



rwoolhou posted this 06 January 2020

If you're just looking at standard heat transfer between a fluid & solid you can do the whole calculation in CFX or Fluent. You only need to add the Mechanical tools if the flow/temperature effect on the solid shape or stress is needed.