How would you model Kevlar/Aramid ropes in ANSYS Workbench for a modal analysis?

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whiew posted this 10 May 2019


I am doing a study to compare conventional steel cable/rope versus Kevlar/Aramid ropes when supporting a mobile structure. My brief understanding is that polymer ropes have quite different dynamic behaviours because of the way the stiffness/mass matrix are defined. That the properties of polymer ropes are different dependent on different lengths unlike steel ropes (stiffness changes with length yes but steel seems more predictable, otherwise.

In short, how does one model polymer ropes correctly in ANSYS Workbench for a modal analysis? I have been told if you do it similar to how you do a steel rope, you will get substantial errors. Or does the software takes care of it if you define the material properties properly?

Any help would be great. I have been trying to look for other articles or information all day.



peteroznewman posted this 10 May 2019

There are some recent posts that describe simulations of cable systems. These are difficult to get the solver to converge without one simple addition, the use of the INISTATE command, that creates an initial state of stress in the elements at the beginning of the solution.

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I think if you get the material properties correct for Kevlar ropes, you will get good results.