I can't use beam tools in the Mechanical (Ansys Workbench 19.0, Student Version).

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Luiz Henrique posted this 11 June 2018

I have started the collegue this year and I have a presentation about structural analysis. I'm trying to get the Shear Force and the Moment, but the Beam Tool are disabled.

Can you help me?


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Aniket posted this 11 June 2018

Hi Luiz,

The beam tool that you are trying to access is only applicable for line bodies. It seems that you are using a solid body to model the beam. In that case, it will not be applicable.



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Luiz Henrique posted this 11 June 2018

Thank you very much.

Devasish posted this 31 May 2019

Does this mean that if we are using solid body to model a beam we can;t have the BMD and SFD?? or is there any other way to obtain BMD AND SFD?? I am trying to model an I-section girder.


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