I have a major problem to change the lengths of dimensions and I am not sure at all how to do it!

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Georgiro posted this 25 May 2019

I have a major problem to change the lengths of dimensions and I am not sure at all how to do it, Can you help me? Especially to let me know, how to do it and if you tell me exactly what to do in the menu and how to get the dimensions with circle with the triangles, I cannot get this view of it. Thanks

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Georgiro posted this 26 May 2019

I am sure that you know how to do it, but not me, so I believe you can explain me the way to do it. Thanks

Georgiro posted this 27 May 2019

And now I can say that I have found the problem and know how to change the value, but I have another problem and this means that I do not have a chance to change the value, since it writes this: This operation does not have an infuence on the selected dimension. But this was translated, so it can be a bit different from English language. Thanks for your ideas, basically I cannot change the value!

Kremella posted this 30 May 2019


Could you please explain your question more elaborately with some screenshots? Also, I'm moving your question to the Pre-Processing thread so you might get more traction on this question.

Thank you.



Georgiro posted this 30 May 2019

Thanks and I will try to explain you my problem that does not allown to create any model at all.

Georgiro posted this 30 May 2019

Here basically you can see the image that does not allow you to enter different value than it is there, i. e. I want to change the value of 47,36 to something else and it is not possible and it says: ! Operation does not have any influence on the selected dimension. So for me the program for some reason is totally impossible to use. I will be glad if you can give me this reason. Thanks

Georgiro posted this 30 May 2019

 Basically I am not able to change the dimension from 47,36 mm to something else!

Georgiro posted this 02 June 2019

Unfortunately, nobody is able to reply at all, grat, could you at least have a look at this problem and respond, fortunately the producers have replied me and now I do not have any problem!!! So great what you are doing. Thanks

rwoolhou posted this 03 June 2019

Do you mean someone else has fixed it? If so please post the solution. 

Georgiro posted this 03 June 2019

Yes, I will do it.

Do not worry.