I made a repository for color maps for CFD Post and Fluent!

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u2berggeist posted this 5 days ago


Rainbow colormaps are bad. I created two GitHub Repositories for better color map choices, courtesy of Kenneth Moreland. They are fluent_colormaps and cfdpost_colormaps for Fluent and CFD Post, respectively.

If any ANSYS reps see this, it'd be super nice if these could be officially implemented into new ANSYS versions!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know!

Why not just use Rainbow like everyone else?

Generally, Rainbow is used as the color map for visualization, even though it has been proved to be quite poor for data visualization on a number of different levels. Information on this can be seen on Kenneth Moreland's website

Here's an example of a SBES (hybird RANS-LES) simulation result at a single time step. The domain is axisymmetric with flow going right to left:

It can easily be seen that the brighter blue is drowning out the smaller scale turbulence. The use of a better color map can improve this dramatically:

There are dozens of other color map choices that are an improvement on the standard rainbow. I've compiled a imgur album of examples so that you can easily see the different options.


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rwoolhou posted this 4 days ago

Nice images. You do know that you can change the colour map in Fluent? 

u2berggeist posted this 4 days ago

Yes, but it's fairly tedious to do it manually. The GitHub repo has a function that can load and unload color maps without having to type it out one color space at a time.

rwoolhou posted this 4 days ago

Not really, you just change the scale setting. I'll flag the thread to DEV as it's a good idea. 

u2berggeist posted this 4 days ago

To be clear, I'm talking about the process of entering in new values to make a custom color map. Changing the color scale to one that's already in the system is quite simple. But a custom one would require that you enter in each 3 number color point on the scale one-by-one.

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kkanade posted this 19 hours ago

I think this is available in ANSYS EnSight. But unfortunately EnSight is not available in student version. 

u2berggeist posted this 8 hours ago

I think this is available in ANSYS EnSight

Think what is available in EnSight? I'm running an research academic license, so I might have access to EnSight.

abenhadj posted this 8 hours ago

Nice post!

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Kremella posted this 6 hours ago


This is nice suggestion.

Regarding Keyur's comment on ANSYS EnSight and about available color maps, please have a look at the following post. It explains how to get to changing the color palette on EnSight. Please note that ANSYS EnSight is not available for the student version.


Thanks again for your inputs.

Best Regards,


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