Icepak/Fluent Solver Error

  • Last Post 05 December 2018
upot2 posted this 03 December 2018


I am trying to run a simulation in Icepak. On trying to solve, I get an error message on Fluent, which says 'Cell is missing face. Bulid Aborted due to critical error' with the location of the error. I have attached an image for your reference. The Face Alignment and Skewness both are ok - I have stair stepped the mesh, so I have values of 1 for both these. The minimum volume is on the order of 10^-12 and I have used the double precision solver. Is there some way I can locate these cells in Fluent? 

Could someone tell me what the issue maybe? 


satya posted this 05 December 2018

note down the coordinates shown in the image. Locate the points in Icepak by using View -> Location. Check the mesh in the region around the point and improve it.

Also, do you have CAD objects in the model. If yes, you would need to use multi-level meshing. To find out if the model has CAD objects, use Model -> Show Objects by Type.