Icepak Mesh Face Alignment Issue

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upot2 posted this 12 June 2018


I am working on a cold plate model with Ethylene Glycol fluid flowing into and out of the cold plate. I am having issues with meshing the model in Icepak. The ethylene glycol fluid regions were extracted using Spaceclaim and were modeled as CAD fluid blocks. On using conformal meshing, my lowest face alignment quality is 0.0208 which is well below the recommended 0.15- all these cells were found to be on the fluid CAD region. Since refining CAD objects using local object parameters is not possible in Icepak, I tried using non conformal meshing with the problematic fluid region inside a separate assembly. However, the lowest quality is still around the same though the number of cells with a quality of less than 0.15 did decrease. I have attached images of the regions with quality less than 0.15. 3009-Exact Fins (2nd image) refers to conformal meshing while 3009 Fins with NC meshing (1st image) refers to non conformal meshing. 

Could someone suggest how I go about refining this mesh to the recommended face quality of above 0.15?  

Conformal Meshing


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pgl posted this 13 June 2018

He there,

We deleted your duplicate post under Fluids. 

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jharvest posted this 24 July 2018

Whenever you run a model with CAD-defined shapes, most of the CAD itself should be meshed using the Multi-Level (Cut-Cell) mesher that was put into Icepak 3/4 releases ago. The 3D cut cell mesher can be used to better capture the objects near the surface without having "mesh-bleeding" between objects. If the heat sink shown is a regular heat sink object, then you may want to separate it from the CAD curved shapes, if possible, using a non-conformal assembly. In the assembly, you can use regular mesh control on the heat sink and then switch to the Cut-cell mesh for the outer objects.

upot2 posted this 17 September 2018