IF-expression for velocity inlet in Fluent doesn't work

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PascalA posted this 21 April 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to simulate a rising bubble in a fluid, which is why I tried specifying the velocity magnitude at the air inlet boundary with the following expression:


but it clearly doesn't work. I monitor the velocity at the inlet and it always stays 0.1 m/s. Is there something I'm missing with the flow-time variable ?I have set the time-step size to 5e-05 and the amount of time steps to 10000, so in my head the flow should stop at 2000 timesteps, which it doesn't.

I'm pretty lost and I feel like this should be an easy task for someone more experienced than me. Please tell me if I have to supply you with more information in order to help me. Thanks in advance!

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Kalyan Goparaju posted this 21 April 2020


The expression has errors. The correct expression should be 




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PascalA posted this 22 April 2020

Thanks a lot Kaylan! I could have sworn I tried this already but I guess I didn't, it definitely works now though!