Impedance Plot Piezoelectric and MEMS

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konne89 posted this 13 September 2018

Hi everybody,

i am using the Piezoelelectric and MEMS Add On in Ansys. As a solution of a harmonic response of an piezoelectric system i choose the piezo impedance plot. As well, i build up a state space model in Matlab and plot the impedance Voltage/electric Charge. This plot is the same as the impedance plot in Ansys. My Problem is, in Ansys the unit of the y-axis is Volt/Ampere. That is not really possible. Do you have any experience or knowledge about this? Is it a bug in the Piezoelelectric and MEMS Add On?

I am grateful for your help!!

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rwoolhou posted this 14 September 2018

That looks to be using Ohms in ANSYS?  As a CFD specialist that kind of makes sense, but you may need to read around in the help guide or wait for the community to chime in. 

konne89 posted this 14 September 2018

I am using the ACT PiezoAndMEMS v180.1
I don't really understand what you're meaning with "using Ohms" ?? I define two electrodes and and a piezoelectric body. For one of the two electrodes i define a real value for the voltage. The other elektrode has the Input zero. If i let the harmonic response run, i get an Impedance plot. This plot has the units Ampere/Volt... that ist my Question. Do not really find any information in the help guide.