import time varying pressure from fluent to transient structure

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Aya.hassan posted this 13 May 2018

Hello all,
I am trying to solve one way fluid structure interaction using fluent and transient structure. I shared the geometry between fluent and structure and transferred solution from fluent to the setup of transient structure. In fluent, I got in the results 1 second time varying pressure values. I can plot pressure at any time step.  In transient structure  (see image below) , pressure is imported from fluent solution (red rectangle) . In source time ( green rectangle) I can select only between first (0 sec) and last (1 sec) time but I want to solve at all time steps. What can I do ?

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raul.raghav posted this 17 May 2018

You can use the "External Data" module to transfer transient data from you CFD analysis to the transient structural model. In brief, you export the load data (in your case the pressure data) from CFD-Post as a ".csv" file. You do this for every timestep of your CFD analysis. Then you use the External Data module to import the created csv files and rearrange the data in the right order before loading it to the Transient Structural module.

Refer to the following the document and the attachments for more information on how to do that: 

Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) - One-Way Transfers Using System Coupling

PADTInc External Data Tool

Transient 1way FSI External Data Transfer


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Aya.hassan posted this 27 May 2018

Your reply is very helpful. The problem is fixed. 

Thank you.

Gaddsch posted this 08 May 2019

Hello Raul, i found your answer realy helpful and therefore wanted to know if you also might be able to help me out of my misere. I read the articles you posted and have the problem:

It is mentioned, that one does have to create seperate files for each timestep if load changes. I now have the problem, that i do have 20.000 pressure values that i interpolate on 7 Streamlines each with 200 points as can be seen in the image below.
  I am not able to put manually 20.000*7 files into transient How can i solve this?