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arjang posted this 04 February 2019



I have a simple 2D geometry designed in AutoCAD and I would like to import it into Design Modeler. However I receive the following error message when I try to import DWG and DXW files:


I would appreciate it if I could get some advice on how to resolve this issue.

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rwoolhou posted this 04 February 2019

It's possible that you've not installed the CAD readers but equally dxf/dwg files can cause problems due to the format. Can you export STEP and try that? 

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kkanade posted this 05 February 2019

with student version you can not import dwg files. please check following link.


please use step, iges or parasolid format 

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arjang posted this 05 February 2019

Thank you kkanade for your response. I tried IGES format but I got the same error. I tried all the other available formats that I could export my drawing (image below) and none of them worked. For some reason I do not see the step or parasolid format. Do you think there is is till some issue with my version of ANSYS? Or is there another way to resolve the issue?


arjang posted this 05 February 2019

Hello rwoolhou


Thank you for your response. For some reason I am not able to export STEP, maybe my AutoCAD is limited. As I mentioned to kkanade, I tried all the available export formats (image below) and none of them opened in ANSYS, I got the same error message. Do you know of any alternate solution?


kkanade posted this 05 February 2019

please convert your drawing in autocad into a surface or solid body. then try.

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rwoolhou posted this 05 February 2019

Also, click on the DesignModeler box and set properties to mixed lines & surfaces (or similar): I've had another user have problems with AutoCAD & SolidEdge and think there's something odd with the export.  Creating faces or solids ought to resolve this too. 

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arjang posted this 07 February 2019

Hello rwoolhou and kkanade


Thanks to your useful advice, my issue is resolved! I first exported the IGES files using AutoCAD Mechanical and then set the properties of DesignModeler to mixed lines and surfaces. I did not need to try to create a surface or solid on AutoCAD.

kkanade posted this 08 February 2019


can you mark this as 'is solution' to help others on forum. 

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mahmoud14 posted this 26 February 2019

Does anybody know how I can import a 2D AutoCAD  file as a section! to ANSYS workbench and assign it to a line body.
Many thanks

kkanade posted this 27 February 2019

please create a new post as this is marked as solved. 

mahmoud14 posted this 28 February 2019

Does any body know how to import a CAD file to ANSYS workbench as a CROSS- SECTION  for beam.
Thanks a lot for your helps.