Importing external Python libraries into ANSYS ACT

  • Last Post 04 February 2020
adrianio posted this 01 April 2019


I am currently writing an ACT extension that exports the mass and stiffness matrix from Mechanical, using APDL code run in the background. I will then need to perform some matrix operations on these matrices using the Python library NumPy. However, it looks like ACT does not support external Python libraries, as I get the error message "No module named numpy" when the import numpy command is run. 

Is it possible to somehow set the path to my local installation of NumPy so that ACT recognizes the module and imports it corectly? I have used other Python modules, like "datetime" and "subprcess" without any import errors, so I figure NumPy would be possible to use as well. 


Thanks for any help. It is highly appreciated.


pinkerthoms posted this 04 February 2020


Did you find a solution to import these libraries ?