Imposing rotation on 3D air turbine blade

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kmartis2012 posted this 03 June 2018


My problem is primarily focused on the flow of air over a 3D single blade in an engine turbine. I created my geometry using bladegen and I am using the meshing tool in the fluent analysis system to mesh my geometry; the mesh I generated is unstructured. My question is how, if possible, would I impose rotation on the blade?

Thank you

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 03 June 2018


You would need to use Dynamic meshing. I have a video tutorial for your case in 2D which can still be applied in 3D:

Raef Kobeissi

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kmartis2012 posted this 11 June 2018

Thank you for the response. I would first like to mention that prior to this I had used your videos to help with my learning of Ansys; they were extremely helpful. I have tried the dynamic mesh tool, but unfortunately obtained and error stating that a negative cell value was detected. Below is an image of my geometry; I had noticed in your video the center of rotation is encased by the domain. Would the fact that my center of rotation being outside of the domain hinder the dynamic meshing tool?

Thank you,

Klint Martis