Inflation layer boundary selection

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martijn.ruijzendaal posted this 20 September 2018


I’m having issues with selecting a boundary for an inflation layer in the Fluid Flow (Fluent) Meshing window. Below is a screenshot of the window I’m referring to:

My issue is that I can not select the front_tire named selection (or any selection for that matter) and the Boundary remains stuck on Slip_Wall. I’ve also tried changing the Boundary Scoping Method to Geometry Selection, but the selected geometries are not persisted using that method either.


Any advice on how to solve this problem is much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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klu posted this 20 September 2018

Hi, can you please post a couple of screenshots that show how the geometry looks like? It would be great if you can mark the "Fluid" zone and "front_tire" boundary.

kkanade posted this 25 September 2018

Please make sure that named selection 'Fluid' has correct bodies selected. 

If you are trying to select faces which are not part of bodies in 'Fluid' then it may not be selected. 



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martijn.ruijzendaal posted this 25 September 2018


Thank you. I was trying to create a mesh of a body inside a seperate fluid box body. Thanks to your answer, I was able to subtract my shape body from the fluid body and select the boundary faces correctly.

kkanade posted this 25 September 2018

Glad that your issue is resolved.