• Last Post 15 May 2018
franciscogeff posted this 14 May 2018

i have model a beam to determine its flexural behavior and compare with the theoretical analysis.what method would you recommend i should use to do the theoretical analysis.if possible the equations and formulas defining the parameters.

FernandoTorres posted this 15 May 2018

In my words theoretical analysis means hand calculations? right ? So to determine the deflection/deformation/flexural behavior of a beam theoretically, you can consult any "Mechanics of Materials" book in which full chapter of "DEFLECTION OF BEAMS" is given. You can select the most appropriate case there i.e. simply supported or cantilever or any other and relate it to yours. And you can solve the given equations for your case. 

If this isn't enough, Sir Peter will guide you. Until then watch out for a book